The MB-12/3LA linear array, with its compact shape design, light weight, and robust lifting system, is very fast to install. The high integration of the system can greatly save the design of the equipment in storage and transportation, due to the small si

Haracteristics of the


Dual 12" neodymium magnetic steel units and 10" drum type alto and high frequency neodymium magnetic steel units

Integrated hanging system for horizontal and vertical use (linear)

40HZ-20khz Maximum loudest pressure level 143dB (MB-12/3LA)




Flexible use for distributed sound amplification/large main SOUND amplification applications/mobile performance and fixed installation/compact and sturdy box/flexible hanging mode.




MODULAR 12 MB-12/3 LA 
Frequency response (-6dB) 40Hz - 20kHz 
Sensitivity (1W@1m) Low frequency 102dB
Sensitivity (1W@1m) medium and high frequency 108dB
Maximum sound pressure level and low frequency 139dB 
Medium and high frequency of the maximum sound pressure level 143dB
Projection Angle 100°x 8°
Continuous power is low-frequency 1800W
Continuous power at medium and high frequency 300W/240W
Program power is low in frequency 3600W
High frequency in the program power 600W/480W
Peak power is low in frequency 6000W
High frequency in the peak power 1200W/960W
Impedance Low frequency-medium to high frequency-high frequency 4 Ohm / 8 / 6 Ohm
Low frequency-medium frequency 300Hz / Active Type
Frequdency point medium frequency-high frequency 970Hz / Active Type
Bass 2 X 12"Neodymium magnetic medium bass unit
High pitch 3 X 1 " Treble unit, number drum type
Alto voice 1 X 10 " Neodymium magnetic medium tuning unit, number tube type
Connect head 2 road active  -
Connect the head with a 3-way active type 2x NL8
Connection mode: 2-road active mode  -
Connection mode: 2-road active mode 1+/1- Hi / 2+/2- Mi / 3+/3- Lo / 4+/4- Sub
Size 1106mm x 361mm x 455mm(High x width x deep)
Net weight 45 KG
Rough weight 50 KG
Veil Black epoxy perforated iron mesh, adhesive high penetration audio dedicated cotton
Box material 15mm Baltic Birch
Hang 12 X M8, with an optional pendant
Support rod hole
Ergonomic handle
Non-slip foot pad



Box size