Digital audio processor

Technical specification


Analog input channel 4xXLR balanced / 4xXLR balanced
Analog oracle out channel 6xXLR balanced / 4xXLR balanced
THD+N distortion <0.003%@20Hz-42kHz OdBu
The S / N signal-to-noise ratio involves the display >106dBA
Frequency response 18Hz-42kHz@+-0.2dBu
Parameter equalizer Input 8 optional type filters and 8 optional type filters
Filter type High / low snow, W spread full wave optional
Filter gain The range is: -30dBu~ + 15dBu, and the step accuracy is: O.ldBu
Input, output channel gain range -40dB〜+12dB
Step precision O.1dB
Center frequency High / low snow, W spread full wave optional
Filter Q values 0.267-92302; Low-frame filter slope 6dB, 12dB optional all-pass filter slope 12dB
Band pass filter Bartwoff, Bessel, Link-said slope; 12 / 18 / 24 / 48dB / Oct
Output peak pressure limit threshold range -20dBu〜+20dBu
Start control time 0.5 ms〜50ms
Release time 0.01sec〜1sec
Reduction ratio 1.5:1〜infinite
I / output channel polarity Positive (0) / negative / (180) is optional
Input / output channel is silent ON/OFF selectable
Delayed Each input, the output channel has up to 1000ms delay adjustable
Program storage User preset of 20
Front panel
The 2x24-character LCD display road has been input to a 5-light display of [-20d8u to + 10dBu; Cutting] lose 5 lights display [-20dBu to + 10dBu; clipping; Limit the] input, The output light can be used to display the input transmission level or to display the overload channel red LED light to display the mute state PM1, PM2, The PM3 is the switch UP for the rotary encoder selection menu, DOWN, MENU.ENTER, BYPASS, QUIT is functional seam, Up / back / menu / confirm / through / exit button EDIT / MUTE button directly controls and edit the functional B USB interface on each channel
Back panel 4xXLR Master Position Connector (Input) 8xXLR Male Position Connector (output) 2xXLR (1 / female seat each) RS485 Connector (2 feet A.3 feet B.1 suspension) IECC1316A boat switch power socket
The AC power supply is suitable for the power supply 90-260VAC (50/60Hz) 40W
Size 19"x1.75"x10M482x44x250mm)1U
Net / gross weight 2.8kq/3.2kq